James Joyce International Exhibition Centre – Final 4 Exhibited

FKP’s entry for the James Joyce Internation exhibition centre was in the final 4 schemes exhibited for this 2012 E.U. advertised panel selection competition.

The Greek myth of hero Daedalus and Icarus is a structuring element of our design concept as in James Joyce’s, “A Portrait of the Artist as a young man”.  Unlike the novel our design is simple, stripped of complex themes.  Daedalus was an architect and inventor who built a subterranean labyrinth which spoke of containment.  After himself being confined in this semi dark space with his son Icarus, by winged escape they ascended toward the sun before Icarus descended ‘fell’ to be submerged again in the sea.  Stephen Daedalus is not Joyce’s alter ego but a person of the Dublin environment confined seeking to escape dark streets to a world of creativity and innovation.  As a young boy far from his home, confined to the dark corridor of Clongowes College -

He writes in his geography lesson book, illustrating his feelings for an immense world expanding until it reaches ‘the Universe’.   “Stephen Daedalus / Class of Elements / Clongowes College / Sallins / Co.Kildare Ireland / the World / the Universe”.

This is our inspiration for a Masterplan creating an Event opportunity of International acclaim which will divert the Anna Livia flow of visitors across the Green to our open door.The James Joyce International Event Centre must deliver at many levels –

  • Journeys of varying penetration
  • Visual, sound, smell and sensory experiences.
  • Commercially
  • Iconically identifiable
  • Appealing to Dubliners, children alike.


3,000 sqm masterplan for James Joyce International Exhibition Centre
Competition 2012 – Final 4 Exhibited

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Date: June 14, 2012